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Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not provided below, or would like to submit a comment, please email us, or call 780-489-6663.

JB’s Power Centre is your source for vehicle security and automation. We sell and install remote starters, alarms, and keyless entry systems from Viper, Astro Start, Command Start, and Crime Stopper. These systems are the ultimate in convenience and due to the complex nature of vehicle wiring and variety of hardware requirements, JB’s STRONGLY recommends professional installation for any of these systems. We install all of the systems we sell and have trained technicians in our clean, spacious bays to get your vehicle done right.

What does it take?

The installation requirements for most vehicles (beyond the unit) vary greatly. Some vehicles require a module to bypass the security immobilizer in the key. Immobilizer bypasses typically need programming via proprietary cables and software. Most vehicles require relays, diodes, multi ohm resistors, and other specific hardware for programming.  All installs require working knowledge of vehicle wiring, access to technical schematics, and familiarity with a Digital Multi Meter (DMM). Can I do it myself? The installation of a remote starter or security system is a daunting task. Even most seasoned mechanics or electricians shy away from these installs due to the complexity of vehicle wiring and the variety of tools and parts required. The chance to do serious damage to your vehicle is high and can result from the improper installation of these systems. A professional installation technician, trained in installing these systems, is always the best choice to outfit your car. What ranges can I expect from my new system? The ranges for most entry level systems are between 500-1000’. More advanced systems are typically at least 1500’ and can go up to a mile. The Smart Start systems allow your vehicle to be started with a Smart Phone and range is only limited to cell provider reception.

How secure are alarms?

Alarms when installed properly offer a definite barrier to vehicle theft. To further protect your car, the level of security can be enhanced by adding on upgrade modules to any alarm system. A basic alarm will monitor doors, hood, trunk, and a shock sensor, however adding tilt sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, etc only help keep thieves from getting in. Additional installation charges apply with all added labor and modules.

What does my remote starter control?

The typical remote starter system will start the vehicle and stay running for a customizable amount of time, flash the parking lights to visually tell the user the car is on, lock and unlock the doors, and if available pop the trunk. To warm your car, manually set the heater and defrost settings before using the remote starter. To cool the vehicle, do the same with the air conditioning. Remote starter add on convenience features can sometimes be automated window roll up/down, sunroof control, or turning on seat heaters. Additional installation charges apply with all added labor and modules.