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Flowmaster 15430

Outlaw Series Race Muffler - 3.00 Center In / 3.00 Center Out - Aggressive
Item #: 236-15430 
Manufacturer Item: 15430
Manufacturer: Flowmaster
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Outlaw mufflers are designed to be connected directly to the header collectors or can be added into an existing exhaust system. Recommended for racing applications where a muffler is required without a set decibel limit to be met. Please call the Flowmaster tech-line for assistance with specific decibel requirements and applications. Features: No internal packing to blowout Durable fully welded 16 gauge aluminized steel - round case allows install in limited space applications Designed for maximum horsepower and torque Minimal decibel reduction - race application where muffler rules are in effect

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Outlaw Race Series Mufflers